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Description of LORTAB

There are several hundred brand name and generic lortab hydrocodone products marketed, most of which are combination products .
The most frequently lortab prescribed combination is hydrocodone and acetaminophen (Vicodin®, Lortab®) .
Chemistry and Pharmacology [4,5α-epoxy-3-methoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-one dihydrocodeinone] Hydrocodone [4,5α-epoxy-3-methoxy-17methyl-morphinan-6-one dihydrocodeinone] is a semi-synthetic opioid most closely related to lortab g036 lortab 5-325 how many lortab j code lortab l484 lortab high feels like lortab codeine in structure and morphine in producing opiate-like effects .
The first report, that hydrocodone produces euphoria lortab and habituation symptoms, was published in 1923 .
The first report of hydrocodone dependence and addiction was published lortab in 1961 .
Hydrocodone exerts its principle pharmacological effects through agonistic binding to opioid lortab acetaminophen 5-325 pink dots lortab and codeine high lortab kill you lortab 5-325 pharmacy receptors .
lortab quitting lortab hcl lortab-acetaminophen 5-325 mg lortab used for swelling lortab 5-325 Hydrocodone primarily binds and activates the mu-opioid receptor in the CNS and possesses analgesic and antitussive effects .
Binding of hydrocodone to this receptor also results in analgesia, euphoria, respiratory depression, decreased gastrointestinal motility and physical lortab sprite jolly ranchers lortab versus percocet lortab xodol lortab compared to oxycodone lortab dependence .
Additionally, hydrocodone is converted to hydromorphone by lortab the cytochrome P 450 Hydrocodone is abused for its opioid effects .

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